Sheri Gill Dixon

Sheri Dixon is a graduate of Golden Gate University holding a Masters in Accounting & Taxation.  She brings over 25 years of experience in public, private, and governmental accounting.  

Sheri began her career in 1989 working in the accounting department for a wholesale business forms manufacturer in Texas.  From here, she went to work for the U.S. Coast Guard as the N.E. Region Controller.  Having experience now in both private and government industries, Sheri decided it was time to gain knowledge and experience in public accounting and went to work for the largest CPA firm in Tallahassee, FL.  Throughout her career, Sheri has held the positions of Controller, CFO, Vice President and General Manager for International Corporations, Private Corporations and Federal/State Government Entities overseeing up to $95+ million in revenues.  

She has been a senior-level executive with extensive finance, administration and public accounting experience in diverse industries including film/television/music industry, retail/wholesale distribution, financial services, government, international arms manufacturing, and various U.S. manufacturing. She has proven ability to improve operations, impact business growth and maximize profits through achievement in finance management and cost reductions, internal controls, and productivity/efficiency improvements. Strong qualifications in general management, business planning, royalties, licensing, systems technology design and implementation, and staff development/leadership.

In 2006, Sheri stepped out of the boardroom and decided to start a tax business so she could be a stay at home mother with her newborn son.  Although she was only looking for part-time work, her clientele quickly grew to over 300 in less than 2 years. She continued her tax business even after returning to the executive world in 2008.

In 2012, Sheri began pursuing a life-long passion in the Entertainment Industry.  Growing up she was always obsessed with film and television.  Sheri has extensive knowledge in Media and Entertainment Accounting and loves every aspect of creating a film, commercial, music video or print work.  She also makes it her mission to educate young individuals in the entertainment industry of the dangers of trusting the wrong people with their finances and taxes.  She teaches that you do not need a degree but education/knowledge of basic finances and tax is key to ensuring the safety of ones assets.  

When Sheri is not behind the scenes doing Pre/Post Production Accounting & Budgeting for film and television, she can be found in front of the camera pursuing her passion as a professional actress.  

Sheri is known for making everything fun! Yes...even taxes. 

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